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The Inspired Practice
Your 10 month journey to
diversify your practice, build your confidence,
business skills and leadership within our supportive
community of fellow practitioners.

Building your dream practice can be an inspirational and healing experience.
Instead of sleepless nights worrying about managing your workload whilst earning enough money, imagine if your practice building experience looked like this:
You feel confident designing a diverse array of psychology products and services for your clients that you know will offer them the best experience possible.
You have a clear idea of who you love to serve and you know how to help them find you and work with you.
You know how to pivot and scale your practice up and down to fit your life. You know how to build systems and automate parts of your practice so you feel in control of your growth.
You feel much more in control of your psychology practice. From understanding how your practice makes money, to working with trusted partners, to creating daily & weekly schedules as well as longer-term plans that are perfect for how you want to live your life.
There is nothing like the feeling you get when your build your dream practice.
This unique online and in-person programme is created specifically for psychologists in private practice,
by psychologists in private practice.

It is not a typical mastermind, coaching or marketing programme.

It is a ten month blend of learning, development, community and creation for psychologists from all disciplines and from across the world.

The Inspired Practice has been designed to ensure you get the attention, strategy, learning, and collective ideas that you need to take your psychology practice to the next level.

You will progress from feeling unsure to flying with confidence.
Here's what you'll find when you join the The Inspired Practice programme
Nine Powerful Mastermind Experiences
We will meet online in small groups via Zoom once a month as a collective to work on key questions or topics that will offer you support and accountability in your psychology practice growth.

As part of this program you will receive 2 x 1 hour one-on-one strategy coaching sessions with Wendy Kendall via Zoom.
Three Quarterly Planning Workshops
In The Inspired Practice you will learn a productivity system that will help you stay focused on the key value-led actions that will move you forward without becoming overwhelmed and burned out.
The Inspired Practice Core Curriculum
There is a sequence to building an inspiring practice without overwhelming yourself or running out of money. These masterclasses are your blueprint you can use again and again.
A Two Day Business Retreat in South West France
Clarify your business vision away from the hustle and bustle from home. Get a clear head and set your growth goals, harness your unique strengths, and articulate your bigger mission.
The Inspired Practice Community
The Inspired Practice Community gives you a supportive space to share ideas, as well as the ups and downs of transforming your practice.
"If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go further, go together."
Move from feeling unsure to flying with confidence.
When you enrol in The Inspired Practice,
you'll also have access to these resources in the
Practice Transformation Hub
Masterclass on Connecting with and Selling to Corporates.
Mental health and well-being is currently a huge growth area within companies of all sizes. This masterclass gives you a strategy for connecting with companies who could be interested in working with you, as well as a blueprint for how to sell to and then expand your services in the corporate context. 
Masterclass on Building Value and Profit into your Practice.
The heart of a profitable and ethical practice means finding the hidden sources of value in your practice. This masterclass outlines the different areas of value creation that exist in your psychology practice that you may not have considered but that you can leverage to increase your profitability whilst staying true to your ethical values.
Masterclass on Building your Intellectual Property and Business Models.
The future growth of your psychology practice depends on the unique intellectual property and business models you create. This masterclass teaches you a methodology to define your unique Intellectual Property and structure the ways you bring it to market.
Masterclass on Building Word of Mouth Marketing with your 'Army of Advocates.'
Every practice can benefit from using Word of Mouth marketing and building an 'Army of Advocates' who support and champion your brand. Connecting with people in a way that helps them feel comfortable referring you is your secret to longevity in your private practice.  
Masterclass on Asking for the Business.
Sometimes you just have to ask for the opportunities! In particular when working with business and corporates, it's important to reach out and connect with the right people so that the opportunities you're looking for come your way. We created a collaborative masterclass with some of our business psychologists to outline methods for asking for the business effectively. 
Masterclass on 'Working with Your Inner Leadership Team.'
Our lead coach Wendy Kendall is a Level 3 qualified IFS Practitioner and she uses IFS in her executive coaching practice. In this masterclass, she shares daily practices you can implement to help you access more Self Leadership, support your 'Inner Leadership Team' in trusting your Self Leadership and empowering you to work with more Parts of yourself as you bring your psychology practice to life.
Guest Masterclass with Diane Diaz on Building Your Personal Brand.
Personal branding coach and teacher, Diane Diaz, runs a masterclass on how to define your personal brand and how to use your story and your key messages to connect with clients you love to serve. 
Masterclass on Building in Contribution and Legacy. 
Meaning and trust in the future are major determinants of sustaining our motivation over the long term so this masterclass helps you tap into these deeper values and bring them to life in the here and now.  This masterclass is a deeper reflection on the links between the contribution you're offering to the world through your psychology practice, the legacy you are building and your sustainability in the here and now.
Masterclass on Defining Your Vision. 
This masterclass offers you a creative methodology for exploring your vision for your practice. Take into account your values, define your aspirations and boundaries, and integrate a timeline of opportunities for growth. 
Access to our Psychologist Marketing Academy online course.
If finding your voice online has been your biggest headache, this course is designed to help you connect with confidence online and grow your practice through social media. We share systems and methodologies for maximising engagement, presence across platforms, repurposing, doing good for your clients through your social media and content, and scaling through partnerships. You will also have access to our exclusive tool The Psychologist's Content Generator. Set out 90 days of engaging content for your clients within an hour.
The Complete Communication Course including Live Workshops
Become confident writing your website pages and get more conversions from web page visits.The Complete Communication Course helps you uncover what makes you non-displaceable in your market and the story of your brand that most connects with clients.
A mixture of live workshops, guides and templates to craft your new homepage wireframe and Messaging Guide.
This course also helps you to get better results from any marketers you hire.
What our Alumni say about The Inspired Practice
Dr Hannah Bryan
Chartered Clinical Psychologist

"The structure of the programme has been fantastic. ... And having that supportive community is definitely a highlight."
Steve James,
Chartered Occupational Psychologist.
Leadership Growth Specialist
"The highlight for me is the sense of community."
Michelle Minnikin
Chartered Psychologist.
Managing Director,
Work Pirates
"If you're a psychology practice owner and you're not coming through this programme, you probably need to have a word with yourself."
Dominic McCanny
Chartered Occupational Psychologist.
Managing Director,
"You'll learn so much about yourself and how you're going to take your business forward. Highly recommended."

Remembering our dear friend and colleague Dom McCanny with warmth and fondness. We miss him.
How to join:
1. Reserve Your Place
We run The Inspired Practice once a year, starting in September. There are 16 places in total and people reserve their place on our next cohort through the year. 
2. Get Started September 2022
Each cohorts run from mid September to mid July to fit with school term time. The next cohort will run from Sept 26 - July 23. 
3. Feel Inspired and Energised
Get ready to embark on a practice and personal transformational journey. Our clients' transformational journeys get them noticed.
Spaces on the next cohort of The Inspired Practice are now open and places have been filling up fast!
Helping hundreds of psychologists grow a practice they love
As Associate Partner of an international consultancy from 2003-2014, Wendy Kendall co-led the company to nearly 1 million euros turnover per year. In her corporate practice, she has worked with over 3000 global leaders including coaching executives who are running businesses in excess of 1 billion euros per year turnover.
She became a Chartered Occupational Psychologist in 2000 and a Registered Coaching Psychologist in 2006, specialising in training, coaching and leadership development.  Wendy is also the first UK Chartered Occupational Psychologist qualified to Level 3 in the Internal Family Systems model. In 2020, she completed Story Brand Guide training to support psychologists in story-based communication.

Wendy is the founder of  our Accelerator programme TPPA, which she started in late 2017.  

"I set up my first private practice in 2003 after moving to a new country where there wasn't really a word for what I did in my profession. I started out before there was broadband internet or even social media companies!

Since then I've negotiated both the Financial Crisis of 2008-2012 and the Corona Virus Pandemic, plus have moved countries twice more, and have grown successful psychology practices throughout all these disruptions. That's why sustainability is the heart of everything we do in Inspiring Psychology Practices.

What I learned that I want to share with you, is that typical business and marketing strategies can sometimes leave psychologists in private practice feeling confused and deflated. There are specific values, experiences and client groups that we work with that don't fit easily with commercial business and marketing. That's why we build programmes  for psychologists by psychologists."

Wendy Kendall, TPPA and IPP Lead Coach 

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