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The Self Led Practice
The community-based virtual workplace that helps you and your private practice flourish from the inside-out.
Overcome the toxic triangle of private practice -
overwhelm, isolation and fear.
Now more than ever, we are so busy that it's easy to feel a sense of isolation and overwhelm as we work to develop our practices. We can end up feeling like we are in this alone, and that no one understands what we are going through. This can lead to feeling like we are not doing enough, that we are not good enough, and that we 'just need to be more efficient.' The reality is that we need to run our practices in ways that are more supportive.
The Self Led Practice isn't just a community of psychologists, it's a way of being in our practices. 
The Self Led Practice is your chance to get clear on your purpose and
build supportive relationships with others who empower you to take action.

Live your practice in a way that supports focus, growth and well-being.

As a member of the Self Led Practice you will belong to a community of psychologists in private practice that are learning and growing together. Everything we do, from our daily coaching, monthly meet ups to our supportive resources, is designed to help you build flourishing practices and enjoy your work.
Here's what's included during each 3 months of community membership:
Individual Coaching
With every 3 month membership, you receive an individual 60 minute coaching session with our IFS level 3 trained lead coach Wendy Kendall worth £175.
Practice Consultation Groups
Every month, you will meet with a small group of other practice owners for an inspiring, re-energising practice consultation session. Get fresh perspective on your private practice challenges and aspirations.
Daily IFS-informed
Co-working Sessions

During each week, you can attend our six virtual co-working sessions. These IFS-informed  sessions range from 30 minute intention setting sessions to 2 hour deep working sessions.
Self Leadership
Resource Library

The Resource Library includes exclusive guided visualisations and audios that help you bring Self energy and Self leadership throughout the day in your private practice. You also receive The Self Led Practice Journal including weekly Intentions and weekly Reflections journal pages.
We all know the saying 'it takes a village to raise a child'.

Starting, growing and flourishing in private practice is not much different.

It also takes a community.

Harnessing Self Leadership in Private Practice
Private practice is one of the most emotionally demanding ways to earn a living as a psychologist. Not because of the work we do  with our clients but because putting ourselves ‘out there’ can feel risky and exposing to our ‘inner Parts.’ In the Self Led practice, we help your ‘inner leadership team’ to access more Self energy - courage, calmness, curiosity, connection, confidence, creativity, compassion and clarity.

Join us to create the future of your private practice by harnessing your inner power of Self.
Shifting From Burnout to Regeneration
The Self Led Practice is the only community of psychologists in private practice designed to support those wanting to setup or grow a regenerative private practice.

Focusing on harnessing our core energy and essence,  with a holistic and integrative approach, we offer you supportive relationships, connection with others on a similar journey. Helping you build daily habits, ritual and routines that support your physical and mental well-being, and promoting a sense of meaning, purpose and growth in your practice.

The Self Led Practice helps you create sustainable habits  that directly support your overall well-being and recovery from toxic professional experiences.

How to join:
1. Join the Waiting List
We run The Self Led Practice in small groups of 5-6 practice owners. Once we have at least 5 people signed up for a group, we will get started in the next cohort intake. 
2. Start with the Next Cohort
Cohorts run from September - November, January - March and April to June inclusive. Each membership therefore lasts for 3 months. You can join every cohort or just the ones you need.
3. Feel Focused, Connected and Resourced
The regular supportive co-working sessions and the rhythm of the monthly practice consultation groups helps you stay on track, feel connected to fellow professionals and confident to continue working on your dearest held plans.
Spaces on The Self Led Practice groups become available every quarter and places have been filling up fast!
Harnessing Self Leadership in Private Practice
Private practice is not for the faint of heart! It can be lonely, isolating and overwhelming. Our Self Led Practice community is designed to give life to your practice through supportive relationships and mindful rituals that support your physical, mental and emotional well-being.

You'll be part of a vibrant group of psychologists who will inspire and encourage you on a daily basis. Join us today!

Sign up to The Self Led Practice for £150/month
The Self Led Practice is a 3 month membership which you can sign up to every quarter if you wish.
Helping hundreds of psychologists grow a practice they love
As Associate Partner of an international consultancy from 2003-2014, Wendy Kendall co-led the company to nearly 1 million euros turnover per year. In her corporate practice, she has worked with over 3000 global leaders including coaching executives who are running businesses in excess of 1 billion euros per year turnover.
She became a Chartered Occupational Psychologist in 2000 and a Registered Coaching Psychologist in 2006, specialising in training, coaching and leadership development.  Wendy is also the first UK Chartered Occupational Psychologist qualified to Level 3 in the Internal Family Systems model. In 2020, she completed Story Brand Guide training to support psychologists in story-based communication.

Wendy is the founder of  our Accelerator programme TPPA, which she started in late 2017.  

"I set up my first private practice in 2003 after moving to a new country where there wasn't really a word for what I did in my profession. I started out before there was broadband internet or even social media companies!

Since then I've negotiated both the Financial Crisis of 2008-2012 and the Corona Virus Pandemic, plus have moved countries twice more, and have grown successful psychology practices throughout all these disruptions. That's why sustainability is the heart of everything we do in Inspiring Psychology Practices.

What I learned that I want to share with you, is that typical business and marketing strategies can sometimes leave psychologists in private practice feeling confused and deflated. There are specific values, experiences and client groups that we work with that don't fit easily with commercial business and marketing. That's why we build programmes  for psychologists by psychologists."

Wendy Kendall, TPPA and IPP Lead Coach 

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