LinkedIn Workshop
Make LinkedIn work for your psychology practice.
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Do you have a LinkedIn profile but aren’t sure what to do next?

Are you wondering how to make LinkedIn work for you and your psychology practice?

LinkedIn has over 645 million members, and 80% of B2B leads come from LinkedIn. But how do you tap into that?

If you’re a psychologist in private practice, there are simple strategies you can use to grow your practice using LinkedIn
Perhaps you want success in your practice but don't have hours to spend on marketing and social media every day.

You want to enjoy the financial rewards of being a successful psychologist in private practice by attracting self paying clients or connecting with corporates who are looking for psychology-related services.

But you don’t know how to get clients or build a network on LinkedIn. Staring at that blank screen is giving you headaches. And figuring out how to set up your profile and start connecting has been overwhelming.
The good news is, I can help!
I've been established on LinkedIn since 2008, have over 13k connections, and have used LinkedIn to bring in several hundred thousand pounds in that time.

Get access to the two LinkedIn workshops, two workbooks and the LinkedIn Profile Checklist.

I'll reveal simple ways to use LinkedIn to grow your professional and business network so it brings you new opportunities. And I'll show you how to plan and create LinkedIn content that grows your psychology practice without spending hours online.

These workshops will take the guesswork out of LinkedIn, so you can focus on what to do, not what not to do.

You'll feel confident and competent on LinkedIn so you can get your practice off to a flying start or even tune up your existing LinkedIn strategy.

LinkedIn is a massively under utilised platform for psychologists in private practice so get access to the workshops and materials, and I'll share the insider track with you that's helped me grow an international psychology consultancy from my home office.
What's included in this course?
Two workshops teaching you how to make LinkedIn work for your psychology practice.
Two workbooks that go alongside your workshops to help you implement what you learn.
Stay on track with your LinkedIn profile development with your checklist.
"An inspiring and thought provoking workshop for optimising visibility on LinkedIn as well as ideas for facilitating engagement, developing a professional network, enhancing profile content and more. Thank you Wendy for sharing your knowledge and expertise and for being passionate about what you do. Highly recommended."

-Andrea Daykin, Chartered Psychologist and CAT Psychotherapist, Andrea Daykin Psychological Services
"This was a great workshop that helped me to feel more confident in terms of how I showed up on LinkedIn. Since the workshop just one week ago, I now have a banner, headline, decent photo, about section, have started posted and commenting on other's posts and importantly growing my connections. I still have some way to go in developing my presence strategically but the information I need to do this is all there and we are helpfully reminded that "this is a marathon and not a sprint" :) Thank you once again to Wendy and Eva for their friendly, thorough and interactive training."

- Dr Sally Conway, Clinical Psychologist, Sally Conway Psychology
 "The workshop you didn't know you needed! I've never known how to use LinkedIn and this was so helpful in understanding why I should use it, and most importantly how I can use it. I actually feel excited and ready to start implementing all of the tools and tips covered in the session. No more LinkedIn avoidance over here!"

-Victoria Uwannah, Counselling Psychologist, The Untamed Collective
What you will learn in the
two sessions
Follow the 7 step pathway for getting the best out of LinkedIn for your psychology practice.
Step 1
Understand why LinkedIn is for you
Step 2
Set up your profile
Step 3
Grow your network
Step 4
Do client research
Step 5
Follow the conversations
Step 6
Connect IRL
Step 7
Create your content
Wendy Kendall C.Psychol AFBPsS
Principal Coach at Inspiring Psychology Practices.
"I've been using LinkedIn since 2008 and have used it to grow two international businesses - Inspiring Psychology Practices and my corporate practice, Globally Talented. In 2016, I even won an international competition with LinkedIn with the prize being an all expenses paid trip to Iceland being coached for 4 days by top executives. I've also just over 13k connections. All this to say, I've used this platform a lot over the years!

LinkedIn is a massively under utilised social media platform for psychologists in private practice. It is THE place to enhance your professional reputation, find self-paying clients, and  connect with corporate buyers. No belly-dancing videos required either!  But LinkedIn is different to other social media platforms in that connection is more valuable than promotion. How you connect with others through LinkedIn is more important than the promotional content you put out on the platform. You don't need to post every day to use the platform successfully."

Get access to the LinkedIn Workshop online course

Price: £49.00

What you'll get on this online course:

- The two LinkedIn Workshops
- Two workbooks to go alongside the workshops
- The LinkedIn profile checklist

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