Helping psychologists have the mindset, confidence and business skills to create an inspiring private practice that fits with their changing life.
We are dedicated to ending the cycle of overwhelm, isolation and under-earning of psychologists in private practice.
With 18 years of experience of discovering how psychologists like you can overcome the obstacles to an inspiring practice that fits with your life.
About Inspiring Psychology Practices
Our aim is to help psychologists of all disciplines across the world to develop the mindset, business skills and confidence so that they can feel in control of their practice development.

Psychologists experience many problems that lead them to private practice but psychology training doesn’t include how to develop a sustainable practice. We often come into private practice from employers that are radically different, such as large corporations, State, and academic institutions. We can end up inadvertently recreating problems we experienced within employment within our private practice, such as not having a place to bring our creativity to life. Our professional values can also end up in conflict as we struggle with the realities of charging for our services.

At Inspiring Psychology Practices, we help psychologists get clarity on the strategic side of their practice, like niching, business models, and systems. We support psychologists in building their entrepreneurial mindset and earning comfortably. We provide a community of like-minded psychologists who support, collaborate and inspire each other.
Wendy Kendall, Founder and Lead Coach
As Associate Partner of an international consultancy from 2003-2014, Wendy co-led the company to nearly 1 million euros turnover per year. In her corporate practice, she has worked with over 3000 global leaders including coaching for executives who are running businesses in excess of 1 billion euros per year turnover.

She became a Chartered Occupational Psychologist in 2000 and a Registered Coaching Psychologist in 2006, specialising in training, coaching and leadership development.  Wendy is also the first UK Chartered Occupational Psychologist qualified to Level 3 in the Internal Family Systems model. In 2020  she completed Story Brand Guide training to support psychologists in story-based communication. Wendy is currently based in South West France.
Eva Barrellon-Kendall, Managing Director
Eva has been working with Inspiring Psychology Practices since 2019 and is now the MD of the company based in Manchester. Her focus is developing the IPP customer experience, writing and producing social media and marketing content, and generally running the company day-to-day.

Eva has a first degree in Environmental Science at the University of Manchester and is also an athlete. In September 2021 she is going back to university to complete a conversion course in psychology, aiming to become a Chartered Sports and Exercise Psychologist. She currently blogs about her experience as a female athlete and is developing her Hera Athletes brand, which she hopes will become her own inspiring psychology practice one day.
Let go of overwhelm and feel inspired by your private practice again.
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